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Terre Foods Cooperative Market is a member-owned, whole foods grocery store that is forming in Terre Haute, Indiana. We will be a full service grocery store, open seven days a week, that will serve Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley community by providing access to local, organic whole foods and products at a fair price.

Terre Foods is being formed by a group of people who value good food and a strong, sustainable community. We believe so strongly in the benefits of a cooperative grocery store that many of us have become member-owners before the storefront has opened. Becoming a member and telling others about our venture are the best ways that you can help make this market a reality. Once our doors are open, everyone, members and non-members alike, will be able to shop at a place that focuses on quality and building community.


Latest News

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Music for the 6th Annual Blueberry Festival

Thursday, July 17

11-11:45am: Papa J. Otis

12-12:45pm: Coon Holler Kids

1-1:45pm: Tom Roznowski

2-2:45pm: Brent McPike and Solly Burton

3-3:45pm: To Be Announced

4-4:45pm: Richard Layton

5-5:45pm: Joe Wright

6-6:45pm: Dangerous Doug



                                      A Lot Has Been Happening...

* Market analyses of 3 potential store sites are complete. Board set to meet with developers & others interested in opening our store.

* General Manager candidates are down to 3 finalists to be vetted in preparation for hiring.

* Our new LOGO was viewed by a focus group; suggestions for changes, etc. have been sent back to the artist. We await the next mock-ups.

* CONFIRMED: Blueberry Festival set for Thursday, JULY 17th at Central Presbyterian Church as usual located on 7th and Cherry. YUMMY! Boxed blueberries as well as ice cream sundaes with blueberries will be waiting for you!


NOTE: Interested folks to help with the Blueberry Festival, please email   Our volunteer co-ordinator will contact you!


Pitch in for an hour or more to serve sundaes or take money or talk with prospective members.


         *  TERRE FOODS SPRING 2014 UPDATE!  *
             An open letter from our Board of Directors:

What a crazy winter!  And now that spring is here, I wanted to provide a progress report for Terre Foods Cooperative Market.  The Board of Directors and other leadership personnel haven't been idle over the winter, though we haven't been able to communicate much of our activities.  Indeed, we've been quite busy working on many of the aspects that will make our store a success. 
Since the Annual Meeting, the Board has been vetting sites and to say this process was exhausting would be an understatement.  We've literally looked at dozens of sites in the target area, with many promising ones that ultimately weren't feasible.  What we thought would be a fairly quick process has ended up being very frustrating and time consuming.  In the end though, we have three potential homes for Terre Foods!

Now that the three sites have been identified, we are on to the next steps in the process.  An initial market analysis has been performed, and all three sites are feasible.  The next stages will be to have a full market study, which includes an initial design consultation to identify any conflicts with generally accepted grocery store design and functionality; and revising our capital campaign and financing strategies.  

The Terre Foods leadership has also started the process of hiring a General Manager.  The level of the candidates has been high, and we were excited by the volume of responses.  An initial round of interviews has taken place, with very positive results.

We are also developing strategic partnerships and more!  While we are a bit behind the timeline set out at the last Annual Meeting, rest assured that we've been pursuing a course of action committed to the best outcome of a successful store for years to come.

Chris Weber 
Board President, Terre Foods Cooperative Market

Dates to Save:

 July 17th, Thursday Blueberry Festival!


                          Central Presbyterian Church

                              7th and Cherry Street

 Boxed berries as well as sundaes are available for your purchase.


                                Have some time?

Assist in serving sundaes, or taking money, or talking with prospective members.



                                        Have some more time?

Contact Holly Hudson, Chair of Community Outreach, at

to help with the planning of Terre Haute's much beloved

Blueberry Festival!




                Keep checking for further details!

I recently moved from Austin, TX to Terre Haute, IN and love everything about this community: the people are nice and inviting; it's affordable and easy to get around; and it's so close to many other exciting communities like Indianapolis and Chicago. The only thing I'm missing about Austin, besides a few friends, is my food co-op. Belonging to a co-op is more than just the opportunity to purchase organic and natural foods, it's a chance to be a part of a community of people working to make Terre Haute, and the world, a better place.
Brian Lee Whisenhunt (local resident)
Lookout Farm is a local producer of hay, beans, wheat, corn and Alpacas and Alpaca products. We also raise chickens, herbs, vegetables and eggs for sale. We welcome the organization of the new co-op market, and intend to support it by supplying quality food products for sale to customers interested in natural food products. We feel that this new venture will serve a much-needed place in our community.
Don and Jane Conner - Lookout Farm
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